Education and Lifelong Learning

Learning happens at any moment in life to increase knowledge, develop new skills and competences and keep up with a constantly changing world. How can we guarantee that everyone has access to the right level of education ? How can the learner be at the center of the process to ensure the relevance and quality of the training offer ? How can we use games to promote learning, socialization, sportsmanship, ethics, civic and environmental responsibility ? How should we stimulate curiosity and aspirations to better understand the natural and social environment? How will we develop cultural diversity and critical thinking ? How will we acquire knowledge, emotional, cognitive and social skills ? How to master linguistic, informational and numerical literacy techniques ? How can we promote success in learning and in the use of acquired skills ?

LILLUP believes each and every one must have access to the knowledge, methods and tools to enable them to fully integrate into society and to increase their sense of personal and collective effectiveness.

Wassila Benzidour