New Ways of Learning

Lifelong learning powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain

Education is at the heart of what is at stake in the 21st century, in a world where everything is accelerating, where knowledge takes a prominent place and in which technology has introduced profound societal mutations affecting the ways of interacting with others, of learning and of working. Twenty years ago, there was only one initial period of learning sufficient to cover the entire working life. This perspective is now replaced by a need for strategic anticipation and constant adaptation to new requirements.

In a world where competence appears as a real human capital to be valued, the notion of lifelong learning goes without saying.

How to rethink education in a strategic and productive way and adapted to the 21st century ?

LILLUP offers a protocol as smart contract, combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology at the heart of a digital ecosystem. Focusing on values ​​of openness, this holistic, fluid and adaptive approach mobilizes synergies and allows the business world to welcome the world of education and training. Individuals are actors in their development projects, for personal satisfaction or for their future employability.

Education and research can take advantage of emerging artificial intelligence and blockchain systems. By rethinking how knowledge is made accessible and used across a wide variety of systems and applications, entirely new models can emerge and lead the required realignment. LILLUP is the answer to this requirement of continuous learning for all, all the time and all over the world.

Ludovic CHEVIRON President

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