Reshaping the way we work, learn and live

Lillup embrace the vision of the Future. We designed the first ecosystem of the Knowledge Society to face global challenges, the disruption in the field of employment, ways of working and learning due to the 4th Industrial Revolution. A vision of a sustainable open ecosystem, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, human centric, having positive impact on societal issues and global challenges.

When Individuals have ways to express their insights about the current societal issues, it changes how they think, they can apprehend their environment with these Global Challenges*.

With &Chain as protocol and Ampersand, the DNA of informal and formal knowledge, as core technology, we allow third parties, to develop innovative services to transform Employability, Human Capital lifecycle and ensure matching individuals with businesses.

Ludovic CHEVIRON President


Education and Lifelong Learning

Health and Food

Energy and Environment

Science and Technology

Finance and Economy